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    • Jokes from : Santa and Banta are two friends and Santa Singh has a very good job. Banta Singh is jobless and on  
    • Masalatimes Jokes : You'll find here a HUGE collection of jokes on Laloo, Sardarjis, Gujaratis, Sonia Gandhi, Pakistan a  
    • Cartoon of The Day : Cartoon of the day.  
    • Indiatimes Jokes : Read jokes contributed to this site by various users.  
    • Desi Jokes From Desiboyzmasala : Walking through Chinatown, a tourist is fascinated with all the Chinese restaurants, shops, signs an  
    • Fultoo Jokes Site : A secretary complained about her boss.... She says "My boss is so se  
    • Funnypics : There are currently 214 images in the archive. This site has been created from images found from   
    • Funny Signs : Check out the funny signes from all around the country.  
    • Laughnet Cartoon Collection : Nice Collection of Toons from laughnet.  
    • Funny Comics : Home of Weird and Wonderful Photos.   
    • Links to jokes and Funny Pages Sites. : Links to jokes and Funny Pages Sites.  
    • 123india Jokes : They say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So does a good laugh. Jokes brings to you a wide range of jokes to excite your every nerve. Whether you're a Ajit buff or a Movie fan, Computer whiz or a junkie, you'll find something to b  
    • OPTICAL ILLUSIONS : Interested in optical illusions, check out the site.  
    • More Optical Illusions : Optical Illusions from  
    • Rating Pictures(photos) : View and vote for looks of people.   
    • :  
    • Sardar Jokes : A good collection of clean Sardar jokes  
    • Bollywood Jokes : A well-organized collection of Bollwood jokes  
    • India jokes : A collection of jokes on Indian topics such as Sardar jokes, Bollywood jokes, Ajit jokes etc  
    • santosh mishra : A daily updated cartoon website, regarding Indian/International Politics, society and culture.  
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